Traffic accessibility national

Dispatch and arrival CTE is Partner of the  RCA Railcargo Austria NINA System


NINA offers direct accessibility to all significant transport hubs in Austria. Please contact your local Operater for further details.

Outbound departute from Enns toDay of dispatchClosingSupply
Bludenz CCTMO-FR17.00HTag C 06.00H
Graz CCTMO, WED, FR17:00HTag C 07:30H
Graz CCTTUE, THD17:00HTag C 07:30H
Hall CCTMO-FR17:00HTag C 06.00H
Krems CCTMO, WED, FR17:00HTag C 15.00H
Krems CCTTUE, THD17:00HTag B 15.00H
Linz CCTMO, WED, FR17:00HTag C 13.00H
Linz CCTTUE, THD17:00HTag B 13.00H
St. Michael CCTMO, WED, FR17:00HTag C 06.00H
St. Michael CCTTUE, THD17:00HTag B 06.00H
Villach Süd CCTMO-FR17:00HTag B 08.00H
Wels CCTMO-FR17:00HTag B 06.00H
Wien NWMO-FR17:00HTag B 06.00H
Wolfurt CCTMO-FR17:00HTag C 07.00H

(Arrival and departure times are based on the schedules provided by RCA Austria)

Traffic accessibility to Prague


Day of departureOperaterTrafficClosing
TuesdayMetransSalzburg-Prag A/B11.00H
FridayMetransSalzburg-Prag A/B11.00H

Please consider our general conditions in order to avoid storage times. You may deliver your units to Enns from Monday to Friday to our site.



Day of arrivalOperaterTrafficSupply
TuesdayMetransfrom Prag07.00H
FridayMetransfrom Prag07.00H

This traffic opens carriers a convenient opportunity to deliver empty containers to Enns.


AdHoc Services

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