20 Box Container

ISO normed standard containers are the perfect solution for storage and transport of all kind of goods. Containers have to be registred by the CSC Container Safety Convention. Containers are built of an robust steel frame construction, with wooden floors and double-sided, lockable doors.




  • 20’Box Container dry standard
  • Volume 32 cbm
  • For universal use



20 Box overview

InsideOutsideDoor openingWeight
Lenght: 6.058 mmLenght: 5.860 mmWidth: 2.320 mmBtt max.: 24.000kg
Width: 2.438mmWidth: 2.330 mmHeight: 2.270 mmTara ca. 2.200kg
Height: 2.591mmHeight: 2.370 mm
Volume: 34 cbmStorage capacity:
11 EUR Pallets