Infrastructur & Technik

Terminal area:170.000m2
Quai length:750m
22 kilometer of electrified railtracks
Equipment:55 forclift trucks weight capability 41 To
Gantry cranes:3 Gantry cranes weight capability 40 To
Crane operable units with spreader and slap tongs
Crane-shipped units:20’ISO standard containers
30’ISO standard containers
40’ISO standard containers
45’ISO standard containersHC/OT/Flat/Tank
B7 Intermodal units DIN 15190 and normed Semi-trailers

Rail Traffic
AT station number: 019646
DE station number: 201707
AT station address: Salzburg HBF CCT
DE station address: Salzburg HBF UBF
AT destination code: 33218 loaded units
AT destination code: 33219 empty units
DE destination code: 63092 loaded & empty units
Length of crane runway: 5x531,5 Meter
Free movement track: 1x350 Meter
Parking tracks: 5x750 Meter
Annual movement capacity: 300.000 TEU’s
Working hours: 05.00 – 19.00H MO/FR
05.00-10.00H SA
Delivery by truck: 06.00-17:30H MO/FR